Who we are

Here at A1 Security we recognise that choosing a Security Company to safe guard your premises is a huge commitment, which, shouldn't be taken lightly.

However we also recognise that in contract security it makes proven managerial sense, to use experienced professionals for a highly specialised and risky function.

A1 Security has been providing quality-driven service contracts to its clients for over 20 years. Our existing contracts include the provision of safety and security services to commerce, industry and local government authorities.

Our objective is to provide you with a fast, effective and professional service, and with our focused management team you can expect nothing less. Evidence that we always meet our objective can be found in the testimonials, where customers are expressing just how happy they are with our services.

We offer a quality commercial service and with our rigorous recruitment and selection process we only offer highly trained personnel of proven ability. A1 is proud to be the only security company who are currently profiling all potential employees. We enjoy the respect of major national companies who retain us as their service provider.

Our site-specific training is designed to provide our customers with Officers who feel comfortable in their working environment and are fully equipped to take on their duties. We achieve this through a two tier-training programme that will familiarise Officers with your specific assignment instructions.